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A Moving Checklist You Can Use for a Stress-Free Move

A Moving Checklist You Can Use for a Stress-Free Move

Everyone can agree on one simple fact: moving is stressful. After all, not only are you moving away from a place you're most likely comfortable living in, but you also have to deal with all your belongings, and the more you own, the more you have to move. Fortunately, just because moving is stressful and even challenging doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. There are some strategies and tips you can follow to lighten the load on your shoulders, and if you're looking for those tips, you're in luck!

Today, we're going to share with you an excellent to-do timeline that you can follow:

8 Weeks before Moving

Around eight weeks before moving, you should be looking at several moving companies and asking for their quotes. Also, check their other services and make sure that they offer everything that you need. Keep in mind that the earlier you start doing this, the better, as you stand a much better chance of finding the right moving company to work with!

4 Weeks before Moving

Approximately four weeks before the move, you should be organizing and designating areas for packing. Also, look at any unwanted items you can donate, as getting rid of those things will make moving much easier. You may even make yourself a few bucks if you offer them up for sale!

Now, if you're living in a place such as a condominium, make sure to arrange the parking for the moving truck. Also, book the moving elevator if need be. Insurance-wise, make sure that your policies are properly transferred. Also, complete the change of address with the post office!

If you have any friends, businesses, or any other entity that needs to know of your change of address and move, notify them as well. As for your utility company, let them know about the move and arrange a cut-off date and reactivation dates for your new home.

2 Weeks before Moving

By now, you should be buying various moving supplies, such as boxes and tapes. If you have rugs and drapes, get them cleaned and wrapped. Also, if you own any antique items, get them a written appraisal to know their value for insurance purposes. Finally, start packing the items you do not need in the meantime.

A Moving Checklist You Can Use for a Stress-Free Move - Buying Supplies

1 Week before Moving

In the last week before moving, look at all your furniture and check for any signs of damage. This is to ensure that your furniture is in the same condition when it arrives. Also, label all the items you need to easily access, especially on the boxes you put them in. Also, clean out your fridge.

On the Day before Moving

On the day right before moving, it is time to pack all the items for the trip. This includes snacks, toilet paper, pet food, junk towels, flashlights, kitchen utensils, food, and everything else you may need on a daily basis. Keep in mind to pack loose items in boxes.

Moving Day

On the day of the move itself, make sure to designate boxes containing all the essentials as last in, first out. This means that you put them away last as they'll be the most accessible ones. Also, make sure everything is unplugged in the home, pictures are put away, and essentially everything is stored for the move. Also, before you leave home, switch off the power, shut off the water, check for anything you might have missed, and surrender the house keys.

A Moving Checklist You Can Use for a Stress-Free Move - Moving Day


And that's all to it! Yes, it may seem a lot to digest at first, but these tips will help you move quickly without too much of a hassle. If you still need help, then always feel free to reach out to professional movers for assistance. They can make moving a whole lot easier, so be sure to look around for the pros if you need an extra hand.

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